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Translated instruments to screen for PTSD 

If you have translated a PTSD screening questionnaire or are aware of one that is missing in this repository, please contact Tobias Spiller.

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PTSD Screening Questionnaire Translation Repository

This repository was created by a global collaboration of researchers, to increase access to translated PTSD screening questionnaires.


Aim of the Repository

To provide a central location of translated and evaluated PTSD screening questionnaires that are freely usable in clinical and research settings to:


  • Assist researchers and clinicians by providing access to translated PTSD screening questionnaires

  • Limit waste of resources by avoiding re-translations, in which an evaluated translation already exists

  • Highlight gaps in the literature (i.e., language groups for which no questionnaires are currently available)

  • Promote Inspire future research and promote collaborations with clinicians to increase the availability and quality of these questionnaires


There are three main ways you can support this repository:

1) Cite our review on Translated PTSD screening questionnaires (Hofman et al, 2022).

2) Contribute additional translations of PTSD screening questionnaires: contact Tobias Spiller 

3) Share this project with your collaborators and friends.

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To access the translation use the download link when available. Otherwise contact the author.













When using a questionnaire from this repository, please cite the original article and authors responsible for the translation included in this repository. In addition, you can help us tremendously by citing our review (Hofman et al., 2022) on the availability of translations of PTSD screening questionnaires.



If you have translated a PTSD screening questionnaire or are aware of one that is missing in this repository, please contact Tobias Spiller.



You can help us promote this repository by sharing a link to this page on social media or via e-mail.


Feel free to contact Tobias Spiller  if you have any questions.


Project team

This repository was only made possible by a true team effort. The project which created this repository was initiated by Joel Hoffman ( & Tobias R. Spiller (

The following persons were members of the project team: Joel Hoffman, Ziv Ben-Zion, Adrían Arévalo, Or Duek, Brian Hall, Cosima Locher, Naser Morina, Angela Nickerson, Monique C. Pfaltz, Ulrich Schnyder, Soraya Seedat, Hao Fong Sit, Roland von Känel, Tobias Spiller


Hoffman, J., Ben-Zion, Z., Arévalo, A., Duek, O., Greene, T., Hall, B., Harpaz-Rotem, I., Liddell, B., Locher C.,  Morina, N., Nickerson, A., Pfaltz, M., Schick, M., Schnyder, U., Seedat, S., Shatri, F., Fong Sit,, H., von Känel., R. & Spiller, T.R. (2022). Mapping the availability of translated versions of posttraumatic stress disorder screening questionnaires for adults: A scoping review protocol. European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 13,2. DOI: 10.1080/20008066.2022.2143019

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